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LifeScan, Inc
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Reports include payments (greater than $25) made directly and indirectly to U.S. physicians for consulting services or royalties in support of one of our Company’s U.S. marketed products. Physicians who have reached an aggregate company payment threshold of $250 by the end of the reporting period will be included in the reports. 

All postings occur annually and include information from the previous calendar year. 

The current report includes information about payments made during the calendar year 2013 (January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013) that was available at the time of report preparation. 

Payment reporting began in 4th Quarter 2010. The 2010 report only reflects payments made in 4th Quarter 2010.

The information included in these reports is the result of our best efforts to disclose information on payments provided to physicians. This information may differ from data available on third-party websites and, due to differences in requirements, the information included in these reports may differ from disclosures to state governments as required by law.

*Payment made by Medtronic on behalf of LifeScan, Inc.





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